The Oustad Charbot

The only and first juridical chatbot, in Morocco and in Africa, thought, developed and dedicated entirely to Moroccan law. The chatbot is able to hold a conversation to answer all legal questions, propose case law or even give you legal references. A true technological feat for the right in Morocco.

L’Oustad is entirely dedicated to Moroccan law, including a specialty for labor law, it can hold a full discussion. L’Oustad is dedicated to both professionals and individuals. It helps to find a quick and clear answer to all questions. He is at once playful, intelligent and intuitive and knows how to be discreet.

It’s more than just a chatbot, it’s a work buddy. It offers a huge source of indispensable information in all sectors of activity.

For individuals, the chatbot is an inexhaustible source of information. It offers clear information in a fun way. It constitutes a reference for intelligible and easy-to-use information.

The chatbot, along with the other bases, including the Smart Memo database and the Consolidated Codes database, is a more than indispensable set for legal research.

The Ustad has his character. Beyond the answers to the questions, he will certainly have many other things to say.

InteLaw has the largest legal database in Morocco. InteLaw includes several databases for jurisprudence research, doctrine, contracts and official newsletters. InteLaw offers the largest dictionary of Moroccan law.


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