InteLaw brings together all the Official Bulletins of Morocco since the first edition published in 1912, confirming more than a century of legislative history. The InteLaw Official Newsletter base offers the ability to search more than 30,000 laws and regulations in a multi-lingual way, making the search experience more intuitive and comprehensive.

The base consists of all the texts published in the Official Bulletin from the first issue to the latest. The base is a necessary tool in all areas of expertise and whatever the specialty.

Nobody is supposed to ignore the law ! The base is a reference for the laws applicable in all areas.

The Official Gazetteer database, along with the other bases, including the Consolidated Codes Base and the Jurisprudence Base, is a more than indispensable set.

The Official Bulletin Base includes two categories of texts, the Official Arabic Bulletins and the Official French Bulletins. These two series of official bulletins allow a search in both Arabic and French of a single text according to the needs of each user.

Even more, the base is increased almost daily. It consists of decisions of all the courts of the Kingdom of which a majority emanating from the Court of Cassation. The decisions cover all the topics to allow the users to find an answer to their problems.

The Official Newsletters database is constantly updated with all new texts as soon as they are published.

The database is equipped with a search engine allowing instant access to the desired results. The search can be simple or advanced, in Arabic or French.

The result of the search offers several options to know the complete references of each text.

The Official Newsletters database facilitates access to information and is tailored to each user, professional or otherwise.