The Doctrine InteLaw database contains a set of doctrinal references, in journals or books, dealing only with Moroccan law. The Doctrine InteLaw database is incremented very regularly by new references. The base is fed on the basis of a prior selection according to the relevant.

The Doctrine Foundation is an indispensable working tool for legal professionals. The database offers references that constitute a necessary resource in all areas of expertise and all sectors of activity.

For individuals, the Doctrine Foundation is an important source of information. The base is a reference for information that is easy to use and extremely practical.

The Doctrine Foundation, along with other foundations, including the Official Bulletin Base and the Jurisprudence Database, constitute a more than indispensable set for scientific research.

Doctrine’s base includes a large number of doctrinal entries, a real online library. The references cover all the subjects to allow the users to find an answer to their problems.

The database is equipped with a search engine allowing instant access to the desired results. The research can be simple or advanced, allowing for a curious search or a targeted search.