InteLaw offers the largest dictionary of Moroccan law with nearly 700 expressions. The Dictionary also offers a multi-lingual glossary for easy searching, a glossary allowing a fast approach to unknown domains.

The Dictionary is an indispensable working tool for legal professionals. The database offers several hundred definitions as an effective means of understanding in all areas of expertise.

For individuals, the Dictionary is an effective source of information. The base is a reference for information that is easy to use and extremely practical.

The Dictionary, combined with the other bases, including the official bulletin base and the Doctrine database, constitute a more than indispensable set for scientific research.

The Dictionary base is also a true legislative repertoire. The expressions are classified by domain and allow a reference to the applicable texts in one click.

The dictionary includes several hundred definitions entries. Even more, the base is constantly increased. The definitions cover all subjects to enable users to find an answer to their problems.

The Dictionary database has a search engine allowing instant access to the desired results. The research can be simple or advanced, allowing for a curious search or a targeted search.

Entries are also sorted alphabetically for quick and accurate search.

The result of the search offers several options allowing to know at the same time the complete references of each definition, in particular the texts of applicable law.