The missions of the co-ownership trustee

1. The co-owners are automatically grouped in a union with legal personality and financial autonomy. 2. The union is administered by a general meeting and managed by a trustee and his deputy. 3. The purpose of the union is the preservation, maintenance and administration of the common

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Take a store in management

1. The Manager is a merchant and is subject to all accounting obligations arising therefrom. 2. The management contract must be published within 15 days after its signature, in the form of an extract, in the Official Bulletin and in a legal publication newspaper. 3. The manager

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The benefits of the status of the auto entrepreneur

1. The exemption from the obligation to register in the Trade Register 2. Non-VAT registration. The self-entrepreneur is exempt from VAT without deduction right. 3. Reduced tax (income tax: 1% of turnover for industrial, commercial and craft activities and 2% for services) 4. The self-entrepreneur is subject

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The responsibility of travel agencies

1. Organized tours must be preceded by detailed information on the content of the services offered, their prices, the terms of payment, the terms of cancellation of the contract and the conditions for crossing the borders. 2. The contract concluded between the travel agency and the client

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Create a company

1. Obtaining a negative certificate from OMPIC 2. Obtaining the title of occupation of premises for use as head office (title of ownership, conclusion of a commercial lease or obtaining a letter of domiciliation) 3. Signature and legalization of the documents necessary for the incorporation of the

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Licensing an employee

1. Invitation to interview: Call the employee to an interview within a maximum of 8 days after the commission of serious misconduct justifying the dismissal 2. Minutes of the interview: At the end of the interview, a report is drawn up to record the employee’s arguments on

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