1. Obtaining a negative certificate from OMPIC

2. Obtaining the title of occupation of premises for use as head office (title of ownership, conclusion of a commercial lease or obtaining a letter of domiciliation)

3. Signature and legalization of the documents necessary for the incorporation of the company, in particular the articles of association, the minutes of appointment of the manager, if applicable

4. Opening of a bank account and deposit of funds corresponding to the share capital in the bank account and obtaining the certificate of blocking funds when the capital exceeds 100,000 dirhams

5. Filing of the file at the Regional Investment Center’s one-stop shop

6. Obtaining the bulletin of identifiers showing the number of the register of commerce, the number of the fiscal identifier, the number of the business tax and the affiliation number to the National Social Security Fund

7. Publication of the extract of the statutes in the Official Bulletin and in a newspaper of legal announcements