1. In case of loss of baggage during a flight, it is the airline that is responsible and must compensate you. Only checked and checked baggage is protected (excluding cabin baggage)

2. You must send a complaint to the airline company by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt, accompanied by photocopies of all supporting documents (receipt showing late delivery of luggage, photos of damaged luggage, etc.)

3. To submit your claim, you must respect a period of 21 days from the date your baggage should have arrived. If you do not respect the deadline, your request will be inadmissible.

4. Compensation is limited to a ceiling of 1.220 Euros when the Company is registered with the European Union (whatever the destination) and 20 € per kilo of luggage when the company is registered outside the European Union but that the flight is from or to a country of the European Union. In addition to this compensation, you can also claim damages.